Riddle of cremation casket left on Burgh Castle church steps

A MYSTERY casket containing ashes has been found on the steps of Burgh Castle church.

It was discovered on Saturday by churchwarden Maureen Grey and friend Sue Carrier when they went to open the church at 2pm to clean.

Mrs Grey said: 'It's a lovely light oak box, ornate and like a jewellery box. My friend said, oh look, someone's left us a present. I said well open it then but it wouldn't. She shook it and we realised it was a proper cremation casket.'

She added: 'It's strange because people usually treasure these but there have been several break-ins and a burglar might have thought it was a jewellery box and stole it. They then might have realised what it was and left it at the church.'

The casket, which measures around 11 inches by 7 inches has a small sticker on the bottom with the letters MAC.

Anyone with information, or who thinks the casket might belong to them, can contact Mrs Grey on 01493 781747.