Revival for Lacons

Brewers are dusting off centuries old ale recipes to bring the legacy of Great Yarmouth beer maker Lacons to life.

The iconic brewery, founded in 1760, shut its doors 44 years ago in 1968. But a resurgence of interest - fuelled in part by local historian Rev Eric Dore's research project - means a revival is imminent, and Lacons beer will be brewed in the town again.

For beer distributors JV Trading - which commissioned Rev Dore's project - has acquired historic Lacons trademarks, and is working with Yarmouth's Blackfriars Brewery to produce Lacons' brews.

Original recipes are being used, preserved yeast strains have been cultivated to stay true to original ingredients and the last head brewer of Lacons has given the revival his blessing.

Former Lacons brewer Michael Falcon met Bill Russell, head brewer of Blackfriars Brewery, to hand over the recipes on Tuesday.

'When I look back over 60 years involvement in businesses which either no longer exist or have changed beyond recognition with scarcely any exceptions, the rebirth of Lacons producing real ales again gives me a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction,' said Mr Falcon, 84.

Mr Russell: 'I am thrilled to be part of this innovative and exciting project, to restore Lacons to its former glory will be a source of pride for many people in Great Yarmouth and beyond,' he said.

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JV Trading - which is making the revival possible - said that they were proud supporters of cask ale in the region.

And they would be exclusively distributing the range.

To signal the start of the change, Blackfriars Brewery is producing a 4.4pc ale named Lacons 44, to commemorate 44 years this spring since the last brew at the original Lacons brewery.

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