Review: The Nimmo Twins at Norwich Playhouse

The Nimmo Twins: Owen Evans, left, and Karl Minns. Photo: Submitted

The Nimmo Twins: Owen Evans, left, and Karl Minns. Photo: Submitted - Credit: Archant

Norfolk life just got even funnier.

What would have you rocking with laughter almost to the point where you want it to stop as the joy is so intense that it hurts? The answer is simple: yes, it's the Nimmo Twins at their absolute peak of comedy perfection.

How can they, over the years, have simply got better and funnier than is imaginable? As we all know, Owen Evans and Karl Minns are not twins and do not look even remotely similar but, they are really true Norfolk ... perhaps not strictly 'true' but an exaggerated, wicked, hilarious and gloriously distorted parody of what we think we are all about, including some startling observations of our cousins over the border in Ipswich.

The show is a non-stop stream of sketches, monologues and songs. There seems to be nothing in our region that escapes their pin-sharp wit and the more they drew attention to our odd habits, the more the audience loved it.

Should your Norfolk roots not be 100pc kosher, this will make you feel more like a real native than any other treatment that is legal.

I would have sworn that my fellow fans in that wonderful Norwich Playhouse were much taller when they went out than when they had come in.

These Oscar-level master comedians began their rocketing career as recently as 1996.

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As an earlier review suggested, they are now as much a feature of East Anglian life as dual carriageways and waving at buses.

Though these current performances at the Playhouse are a sell-out, try to get a couple of tickets for you and your beloved at their forthcoming appearance at the Theatre Royal.

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