REVIEW: Paul Daniels – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - at the Pavilion Theatre on Cromer Pier

Love him or hate him Paul Daniels has become one of Britain's most well known magicians and despite his recent accident in which he nearly lost two fingers, Saturday night's (March 10) performance proved he was back on full form.

He soon picked on audience members to help create a contemporary magic show which saw back-to-basic tricks brought up to date.

Unfortunately Daniels' son and special guest Martin Daniels was unable to attend but Debbie McGee's beaming smile lit the stage.

Lighting the auditorium up in an array of glitzy outfits she performed some quirky tricks of her own, oozing with a confidence only years of showbiz can instil in someone.

The pair may have opened the show with a rather dull chat but things soon became more exciting once the tricks got underway. Daniels impressed the audience with some mind-boggling rope magic and a classic disappearing coin trick – hailed as Harry Houdini's favourite.

This was followed by some slightly nervous-looking people being picked out of the audience to come forward to perform some of the acts on stage, including a 13-year-old female from Hertfordshire who almost stealing the show with her shy yet quick witted humour.

And no magician's show would be complete without the rabbit out of a hat trick – but it wasn't until the rabbit's 'home' folded up with no sign of the cute pet inside that audiences were really stunned.

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Drawing on tales of his own life and experiences the show's dialogue and pace is sure to change from venue to venue during his tour but one thing is bound to stay the same. Whether it's the swish of a magic wand or a bit of fairy dust, Daniels and McGee are sure to make their audiences chuckle with a special sort of humour only their relationship can make.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow might not be on-par with the likes of Dynamo and Derren Brown but there is certainly something special – almost magical some might say – about this show.

The tour makes a return to Norfolk at Dereham Memorial Hall on June 3.

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