Return of a former fishing boat to King’s Lynn delayed once again

'Baden Powell is Coming' exhibition Picture: Matthew Usher.

'Baden Powell is Coming' exhibition Picture: Matthew Usher.

The return of a historic former fishing boat to King's Lynn for final restoration work has once again been delayed.

It was hoped the 116-year-old Baden Powell would be back in Lynn to be lowered into the Lower Purfleet by the Custom house for final work, by the end of September - a month later than the original date.

But trustee of the King's Lynn Worfolk Boat Trust Ken Hill said it was now unclear when the boat, currently at a boatyard in St Osyth, Essex, could be brought back.

And he added there were concerns over the expense of the project as they were struggling to meet costs with the lottery grant they received.

Mr Hill said one of the reasons for the setback was more rot had been found in some of the planks forming the hull than had been anticipated. He said the delay was 'disappointing' but added: 'It's not going to lessen the excitement, it might even increase it.'

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He said the trust still hoped the boat would be sailed into the main river for it to take passengers in spring next year. To donate go to

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