Residents at Norfolk care home celebrate more than 300 years

Maud Williams (centre) celebrates her 103rd birthday, with Molly Beckett,100, (left) and Irene Hollo

Maud Williams (centre) celebrates her 103rd birthday, with Molly Beckett,100, (left) and Irene Holloway,100 at The Trees nursing home, Harleston. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

When Florence Williams was born, the nation was embarking on the First World War.

Mrs Williams, known as Maud, turned 103 this week and is among a special group of residents at the Trees Nursing Home in Harleston which now has three residents aged 100 or over.

Molly Beckett and Irene Holloway turned 100 in June earlier this year.

Maud's family gathered at the home to share the special day with her and the other residents.

Her daughter, Jennifer Thomas, 69, said: 'I think she is wonderful, up until January, when she fractured her hip, she lived at home still with the help of very caring neighbours.

'Mum was born in East Suffolk, near Woodbridge, and has always stayed local, she has never even been abroad.'

The celebrations are remaining relatively quiet this year with family and friends visiting Maud and spending time together.

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She has one daughter and a son, grandson, two granddaughters, three great granddaughters and a great grandson.

'We had a big do at her house for the 100th when she heard from the Queen, but they are having a party to celebrate three people reaching 100-years-old.' Mrs Thompson added.

Maud has had a range of jobs in her life, ranging from being a cook for officers during the war to working as a receptionist in a doctor's house, which was the first time she had to use a telephone.

'She has been marvellous in her time, she has been a good mum. This is the happiest I have seen her; she is enjoying the celebrations this afternoon.'

Maud said that the secret to a long life is 'hard work and keeping busy.' Although Mrs Beckett says that the secret is to 'enjoy life as much as you can and to not take it seriously'.

'Keep going and never stop. You have to enjoy all of it.' Mrs Beckett said.

Mrs Holloway's guide for a long life is to 'live a quiet life, laugh and not to worry about anything.'

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