Research reveals that Chinese is Norwich’s favourite takeaway

Chinese noodles. Picture Thinkstock images.

Chinese noodles. Picture Thinkstock images. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A survey has revealed that people from East Anglia spend the second most in the UK on takeaways and that Chinese is the most popular takeaway for residents of Norwich.

New research conducted on 2,000 people across the country by Paymentsense has shone light on the amount of money spent by Britons ordering fast food to their homes.

According to the findings, more than a fifth of Brits order a takeaway once a week, and in East Anglia the average person spends £10.35 on a takeaway, meaning those who get a takeaway every week spend £540 a year.

Nearly four out of 10 people from Norwich voted Chinese as their favourite takeaway, beating Indian and Fish & Chips to the top spot.

The survey also unearthed some interesting findings in terms of how different demographic groups order takeaways. It found that women spend more on takeaways than men, however they seem to order them far less frequently, on average less than once a month, as opposed to at least once a month for men.

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Additionally, it was found that over half of respondents from East Anglia order their takeaways with their partners, while 16pc order food on their own.

People also make use of digital technology which has developed in recent years, with 32pc of East Anglians ordering their takeaways online, 16pc ordering through an app and three out of ten going into the shop to order.

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