Region gives generously for National Blood Week

More than 14,000 people in the East of England made a date to donate blood following the first ever National Blood Week.

Despite a significant increase in the number of new registrations among young people in the East of England, among existing donors, 40-54 year olds are still responsible for giving the most blood. Figures that emerged today show that from 13 to the 26 June, National Blood Week, 5,643 existing donors aged 40-54 made appointments to donate, compared to 2,492 from the 17-29 age bracket. Over the same period more than 2,500 registered to give blood for the first time.

Derek Carr, NHS Blood and Transplant lead donor relations manager for the east, said:

'We've been overwhelmed by the public's response to our National Blood Week campaign and would like to thank all of the first time and regular donors in the East of England who made a 'date to donate', a simple act that will help to save and improve many lives.

'However, to maintain national blood stocks, we need over 230,000 donations and 26,000 new donors every year in the East of England alone - and there is a lack of regular young donors. We therefore urge the younger generation to make a date to donate and become life savers of the future.'

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