Recommended pay levels for Norfolk police commissioner revealed

Directly elected police commissioners, who are to take office for the first time next year, should be paid between �65,000 and �100,000 a year, the senior salaries review body has recommended.

The salaries of the commissioners, who will have the power to hire and fire chief constables and oversee police budgets, will vary according to the size of the force, with those overseeing Norfolk being paid �70,000 and those in the West Midlands and Greater Manchester forces getting the top rate.

Directly elected police commissioners are a key part of the government's vision for policing and are next year set to replace police authorities in England and Wales which have been dubbed 'unelected' 'unaccountable' and 'invisible' by home secretary Theresa May.

The government says elected commissioners would make forces more accountable and reconnect the public with policing, but critics, including the EDP, argue there should be no politics in policing and commissioners could make decisions motivated by their own electoral gain.

Chris Harding, chief executive of the Norfolk Police Authority, said: 'The weighted-table of salary scales reflects similar weightings for chief constables' salaries. We await seeing whether the report's recommendations are accepted by Mrs May. Overall, when you take into account the existing budget for the current NPA members and that likely to be paid to the PCC and any deputy PCC that s/he may appoint, this is unlikely to see dramatic savings or indeed increased costs.'

Mrs May will now consider the salary recommendations.

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