Reader letter: Use our pubs or lose them

The Freed Man pub. Pic: Keith Whitmore.

The Freed Man pub. Pic: Keith Whitmore. - Credit: Eastern Counties Newspapers

Regarding your report concerning Camra's objection to the change of use application for the Freed Man public house.

Mr Bowers and his ilk would be better utilising their energy in trying to double or triple membership of Camra, thereby ensuring more pubs remained profitable. The Freed Man has not been a viable business for well over five years and I wonder precisely what expertise Mr Bowers has to state 'there is potential for this to become a well run pub again'.

MORE: Campaigners call for bid to turn Norwich pub into flats to be rejectedA significant proportion of the surrounding estates are already utilised for student accommodation, the occupants of which are able to use the heavily subsidised university bars.

The original intentions of the organisation were most laudable — what a great shame they have turned into an interfering semi-political force. Times have and are continuing to change and to have the Freed Man declared an ACV is a total waste of time and will achieve nothing worthwhile. The same thing happened at the Berney Arms, a remote pub on the Broads, with absolutely no local community.

I have been involved with the licensed trade for 40 years and still find it incredible so much hysteria arises when a pub is closed. People can eat, drink, smoke and be entertained 24/7 at home, all at considerably less cost than going out.

The old adage 'use it or lose it' is most applicable, so I'm off to the pub!