Reader Letter: You’re being irresponsible if you don’t have covid jab

A vial of coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

Do you think the Covid vaccine should be mandatory? - Credit: John Cairns/University of Oxford/PA Wire

There are huge numbers of volunteers and NHS staff working long hours to get everyone vaccinated. Therefore, I admit to being surprised at the poor take-up in some localities in the eastern region as highlighted by your headline story (EDP, May 19).

There is no excuse for anyone to miss the chance of protection from Covid-19. We all owe it to our families, workmates the wider public, and the NHS to respond to the call, even those like me who hate injections.

To say that deprivation is the cause of low take up I ask why? Those who are on low incomes will not hesitate to present themselves for treatment should they be unfortunate to succumb to Covid-19 and there are benefits available to those who can not afford to travel to a vaccination centre.

Similarly, to excuse migrant workers because they work long shifts again beggars belief. Large numbers of these workers are involved in handling food and is there an employer in this situation who would not want staff protected and therefore give time off work to get vaccinated?

No, this is serious, and it’s time to drop the lame excuses and bring in truth. The real reasons for the poor response are fear, apathy, and inertia. There is ample provision of the vaccine everywhere. Failure to make use of the service is irresponsible.

Bill Woolnough.

Hilton Road, Swanton Morley.