‘What are we paying council tax for?’ - your reactions to the charge on DIY waste dumping

Charges for DIY waste are to be introduced at Norfolk tips. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Charges for DIY waste are to be introduced at Norfolk tips. Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

From April 1 (Sunday) you will have to pay to throw away certain DIY items in the tip.

The news has come with a range of reactions, with some people angry that they will now have to add on this cost to DIY jobs and many worrying that it will increase fly tipping in our region.

Here's what our Facebook users had to say about the announcement.

Ben Bullen: 'Yay! I can't wait to see even more rubbish fly tipped on the sides of our roads.'

Amanda Aves: 'If the council wanted to save money, might I suggest they sack the person who came up with this idea and anyone else who agrees with them. They will need the £280,000 and more to pick up all the rubbish which will end up on the sides of the roads. God help the forestry commission and local farmers.'

Robert Barker: 'What are we actually paying council tax for? Less and less for more and more! I notice that recyclable metal is free...'

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Sam Kiff: 'This is not going to save £280,000 per year as the council will have to pay out far more clearing up fly tipping - you really have to wonder who thought this was a good idea and approved it!'

Debbie Copas: 'I live in Hertfordshire. Our council decided to close the dump two days a week so it's only open five instead of seven. As long as you remember which days it's shut, it's by far a better result than the Norfolk council have decided upon. At least everything can still be recycled and not positively encourage fly tipping.'

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Barbie Channell: 'So another tax? But they're also putting up council tax - which is supposed to pay for such things. Somebody somewhere is on a nice little earner. But what can we do about it? Absolutely nothing...great!'

Jamie Willetts: 'I have been told by some of the recycling centre employees that is was either this or close at 4pm each day - what a poor decision! They were more than happy with a 4pm finish and I would have gladly re-organised my time to save us all having to suffer!'

Daniel Leggett: 'How many law abiding, responsible people will have to cough up to cover the extra spent on clearing up fly tipping? It's a false economy and will leave potentially dangerous waste dumped everywhere.'

TJ Foster: 'Obviously an April Fool's joke as what council would discourage legal rubbish disposal when there is such a big problem with fly tipping?!'

Sally Davies: 'How ridiculous. This is a recipe for disaster...'

Neil Wall: 'It wasn't that long ago they brought in the pay to scrap your car, with the sudden rise of burnt wrecks, funny enough put a stop to that. I wonder if fly tipping will rise? A no-brainer really!'

Howard Jones: 'My wife and I pay £2,000 a year council tax. We receive nothing apart from weekly bin collection. This makes me so angry. It will all go full circle. People will fly tip, the council then needs to clean it up, then it needs to encourage people to go to the dump so will relax the fees.'

Matteo Bristo: 'Higher council tax for less services in return. For how long will people put up with it?'

What do you think of the upcoming charges? Let us know in the comments.

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