Rare fly seen for first time in Norfolk at Holme Dunes reserve near Hunstanton

Callicera rufa, pictured at Holme Dunes, by Robert Smith

Callicera rufa, pictured at Holme Dunes, by Robert Smith - Credit: Archant

A rare hoverfly called Callicera rufa has been photographed at Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Holme Dunes reserve on the Norfolk coast – the first ever recorded in East Anglia.

Robert Smith, a volunteer at Holme Dunes spotted it last month in the pine trees. He said: 'I'd just finished my normal moth trap rounds and as I entered the pines I found the hover resting on the wooden structure just off the coastal footpath. I managed to obtain the picture and then it flew off.'

Until recently, Callicera rufa was thought to be restricted to the Caledonian pinewoods in Scotland, but in the past couple of years five have been found in England. Holme Dunes warden Gary Hibberd said: 'This is a very special sighting, especially as adults are rarely photographed. The fly was only present for seconds, so Robert's quick thinking with the camera made all the difference.'

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