Unit within Suffolk-based RAF Regiment disbanded amid 'sexual assault' investigation

RAF Honington is home to the RAF Regiment and Police and the service's force protection wing Picture

The RAF Regiment is based at RAF Honington in Suffolk - Credit: Gregg Brown

A unit within the Suffolk-based RAF Regiment has been disbanded while sexual abuse allegations are investigated.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told MPs on Monday he was "appalled" by reports of the incident which emerged over the weekend, with the Daily Mail saying it had obtained video footage.

It is understood the allegations are related to an airman appearing to be sexually assaulted with a piece of mortar equipment.
The RAF said the unit has been temporarily disbanded pending the outcome of an investigation, which it expects to be carried out swiftly.

The RAF Regiment is based at RAF Honington, near Bury St Edmunds.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Wallace said: "We were all appalled by the reporting we saw of the incident involving members of the RAF Regiment at the weekend.

"The RAF police are investigating the incident and the victims have been offered our full support.

"The Chief of the Air Staff and I had a discussion about the incident over the weekend and he has, with my support, acted quickly.

"He has removed officers from the immediate chain of command without prejudice pending the findings of a police investigation and the unit involved, the Support Weapons Flight, will be disbanded with immediate effect.

"Bullying, harassment and discrimination has no place in our armed forces, and neither I nor the Chief of the Air Staff tolerate it."

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