RAF Marham Tornados destroy ISIS/Daesh vehicle and weapons in Syria and Iraq

Are military jets too noisy? RAF Tornado GR4. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Are military jets too noisy? RAF Tornado GR4. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire - Credit: PA

RAF jets have carried out a number of attacks as part of the ongoing bombing campaign against terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

On Monday, February 15, Tornado GR4s, flying out of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus helped support Kurdish forces in Iraq by destroying a Isis/Daesh held building in Iraq with Paveway IV bombs, before destroying a terrorist vehicle with a Brimstone missile.

The following day, Tornados patrolled over northern Iraq and came to the assistance of advancing Kurdish forces who were under fire from Daesh heavy machine-gun and mortar teams south-east of Mosul, which were destroyed using bombs.

On Wednesday, February 17, a Paveway was used to destroy a team preparing nine artillery rockets.

As part of the RAF's work in Syria the oil fields, which provide much of Isis/Daesh's funding, have been targeted and this continued last Thursday when a Tornado patrol used a pair of Brimstone missiles to strike a large engineering vehicle being used for wellhead repair and maintenance in a oilfield north of Abu Kamal.

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