RAF Marham Tornado kills dog on landing after strikes against Islamic State

An RAF Tornado GR4 at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

An RAF Tornado GR4 at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire - Credit: PA

An RAF Tornado struck and killed a wild dog on the runway after it landed at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, a spokesman said.

Fighter jets from RAF Marham are deployed at the airbase while they carry out raids against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

An RAF spokesman said: 'The RAF can confirm that post landing, a RAF Tornado GR4 hit a feral dog at RAF Akrotiri. There was minimal damage to the aircraft which has returned to service.'

A spokesman added that damage was caused to the aircraft undercarriage that required repair, however, the aircraft was quickly returned to operational duties.

RAF Akrotiri is looking into how the animal got onto the runway in order to try and ensure that such incidents do not occur again. It is unknown what type of dog it was, but an RAF spokesman said it was not a pet.

The pilot and navigator were both uninjured in the incident, which happened on Tuesday. The fighter was loaded with Brimstone and Paveway missiles following a night sortie. Tornado GR4s cost about £9.4m and weigh 14 tonnes.

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