QUIZ: How well do you know Australia?

Flag of Australia. Photo: Wikipedia/Lachlan Fearnley

Flag of Australia. Photo: Wikipedia/Lachlan Fearnley - Credit: Wikipedia/Lachlan Fearnley

Everyone has heard of kangaroos, Vegemite and Ramsay Street, but how well do you really know Australia?

Horsford's Marion Lee recently discovered more than she bargained for when she learned how an ancestor from Norfolk was sent to the southern land on a convict ship because he protested over farmer's rights.

In a twist of fate, Mrs Lee's daughter, Sarah Prendergast, 39, went to Australia to work as a nanny in 2002 and ended up marrying and settling down there in the seaside town of Torquay in Victoria.

In another report, we learned of how former Norwich resident Phil Turner has been renovating homes around Sydney and christening each one after the Fine City before he sells them.

Here's a quick quiz to test your knowledge of Australia.

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