Quick-thinking Norwich boy wins award and meets Harry Potter star

The quick thinking of a five-year-old first aider in Norwich has earned the youngster a prestigious national award, and a chance to meet a star of the Harry Potter movies.

Micah Bailey from Sprowston had only recently undertaken his basic first aid training, when he and his mother Victoria came across an unconscious woman when out shopping at their local Tesco supermarket on Blue Boar Lane.

He explained everything that needed to be done, such as calling for help and instructing his mum on how to put the unconscious woman into the recovery position.

Mrs Bailey followed her son's instructions until the store's first aiders were able to take over.

The Garrick Green Infant School pupil had this knowledge because he was a member of the Badgers section of St John Ambulance's Sprowston and Old Catton division.

Then the St John Ambulance national headquarters in London found out about his actions, Micah was then awarded the organisation's Badger Certificate of Commendation, which is rarely awarded, especially to such a young member.

Now he has also been awarded a St John Ambulance Young First Aider of the Year Award for his good deed.

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Micah was presented with the award at a ceremony at St John Ambulance's headquarters in Clerkenwell, London, by actor Warwick Davis - who played Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter movies and is also a senior volunteer for St John Ambulance in Cambridgeshire.

Micah said: 'I really enjoy Badgers and am glad that I have practised my first aid, as it has given me confidence in my skills.

'When the ambulance people arrived they took over and, by the time the lady was in the ambulance, she was okay again. I'm very happy about that.'

The actor said at the awards ceremony: 'These courageous young people who have been awarded today have shown how invaluable first aid skills are and that they truly can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

'I hope they're an inspiration to others, and encourage more people to learn this important skill.'

Micah and his mum were also able to locate the stricken lady's ICE (In Case of Emergency) number listed on her mobile phone, meaning that some friends arrived in time to accompany her to hospital.

Mrs Bailey added: 'Micah is really excited about having won this award, and very pleased that he was able to act quickly in an emergency and use his first aid.

'It is such an easy and useful skill that anyone, of any age, can have and I would recommend learning it to everyone. We are so proud of him for his actions that day.'

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