Pupils’ top designs to feature on Lowestoft Turtle Trail

Lowestoft Turtle Trail 2016 winners - Lacy May Bell.

Lowestoft Turtle Trail 2016 winners - Lacy May Bell. - Credit: Archant

Schoolchildren have shown their creative skills by coming up with winning designs set to rival Norwich's popular GoGo animals trail.

Lowestoft Turtle Trail 2016 winners - Westwood Primary School.

Lowestoft Turtle Trail 2016 winners - Westwood Primary School. - Credit: Archant

While Norwich has had its dragons and gorillas, Lowestoft is hoping to go one better with its latest Turtle Trail from July 16.

The event, where children are tasked with finding giant turtles hidden in businesses around the town centre, has proved hugely popular over the past few years.

It has been boosted for 2016 by Scenic Projects, which has colourfully decorated this year's batch of 18 turtles with an international theme.

Fifteen primary schools from the area entered a competition to design five of the turtles, with Lowestoft Vision business improvement district (BID) – which is organising the trail – judging the winners.

The winning designs were by Faith Miller from Gunton Primary Academy, Jessie Light from Corton Primary School, Kacey Eve from Red Oak Primary School, Lacy May Bell from The Ashley School Academy Trust and Sienna Kyson from Westwood Primary School. Darren Newman, Lowestoft Vision manager, said: 'We have been amazed with the thought process and designs provided by all the students which took part in the competition. This made choosing the winning entries very difficult.'

Phil Aves, from Lowestoft Rising – an organisation working to improve the town – said: 'The children learnt about the culture of a range of countries and had fun turning that learning into creative designs. I was amazed at some of the designs that were created.'

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Those taking part in this year's trail will need to identify the country which the turtle represents. Each correctly completed trail map will be entered into a prize draw to win a cash prize. In addition, there will be weekly prizes on offer.

This year's trail runs until September 4 and is sponsored by The Beach, Wyse Media, MR King & Sons, The International Boatbuilding Training College, Gunton Hall Coastal Resort and Mitchells Renault.