Pug stolen from Norwich 14 months ago found 220 miles away in Lancashire

Marie Ling with her dog Nellie

Marie Ling with her dog Nellie - Credit: Archant

A Norwich woman has described her joy at being reunited with her beloved pug who she thought she would never see again.

Nellie the pug

Nellie the pug - Credit: Archant

Marie Ling from Norwich received an early Christmas present after her dog Nellie was found more than 220 miles away, wandering the streets of Burnley.

The animal had been picked up be a member of the public and taken to a veterinary centre where they were able to trace its owner thanks to a microchip.

Mrs Ling said she was in tears when she found out she would see Nellie again, after thinking she was gone forever.

She said: 'We got to the point where we thought that's it, we're never ever going to see her again and that was after about six months.

'Her mum was taken from us as well and she hasn't ever been found but after this miracle, we are hoping that someday she might be.

'It was just heart wrenching when the vets told me she'd been found.

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'I was in floods of tears.

'The fact that she was found in East Lancashire as well was just unbelievable.

'Nellie is very happy now especially as she is back with her brother and they just lie together all the time.

'I'd like to thank the vets because they have been brilliant, I cannot fault them.

'It was so terrible when she was taken and I am over the moon.'

Mrs Ling also said that Nellie had had puppies in the time she had been away and she hoped that one day they would also be found.

She said: 'It's a bit of a worry that we don't know where they are as they are her babies.'

Sonia Billington, practice manager at Oakmount Veterinary Centre in Burnley, made contact with Mrs Ling after discovering her details on Nellie's microchip.

She added: 'To be involved with Nellie's reunion was truly amazing, a reunion made possible due to the dedication of those involved.

'I'd like to say a special thanks to Debra Mortimer who found Nellie out alone and brought her to us where she was scanned and given a place of safety and thanks to the Oakmount team who worked hard to trace her owners and to Norwich police who played their part in ensuring she was returned to the rightful owners.'