Praise for south Norfolk affordable housing figures

Wymondham housing . Steve Adams

Wymondham housing . Steve Adams - Credit: Archant

More affordable homes have been built in south Norfolk than anywhere else in the east, according to latest figures.

South Norfolk Councillor Yvonne Bendle

South Norfolk Councillor Yvonne Bendle - Credit: Archant

A government report shows that 850 affordable homes for families and young people have been built over the past 30 months - the highest figure in either Norfolk or Suffolk.

Yvonne Bendle, South Norfolk councillor and cabinet member for well-being and early help, said she was delighted with the new figures.

She said: 'Over the last 30 months South Norfolk Council has provided more than eight hundred and fifty affordable homes.

'This is housing that is meeting a genuine local need and is giving young people and their families a better start in life and a chance to stay near their friends and families.

'Our success in delivering affordable homes supports our local communities and that in turn supports the local economy.'

More than 1,600 homes in the region have been bought or rented by people who would otherwise have struggled to get onto the property ladder as part of the government's Help to Buy scheme.

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It means the affordable housing supply in the area is the highest since the 1980s, which the council said was made possible through a combination of 'controlled growth' and 'forward planning'.

Ms Bendle said: 'There has been criticism about the effects of right to buy on the affordable housing supply and proposed changes could make things more difficult for us in the future.

'But South Norfolk Council has shown that with the right approach we can provide housing options and help prevent homelessness.

'South Norfolk now has more affordable housing than ever before.'

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