Praise for Norfolk Special Constables’ role in dealing with riots

Special constables contributed more than 19,000 hours across the region to the policing response during widespread public disorder in August.

Specials from Norfolk, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire contributed 19,495 hours during the disorder.

Across the region there are more than 2,200 Specials and they played a key role in maintaining community stability.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hopkins, Eastern Region Specials lead, said: 'Once again, this demonstrates how Special constables are part of our everyday business and how we can rely on them for support.

'The number of hours they contributed was outstanding and their regional support was invaluable.'

Nigel Green, Eastern Region Specials Coordinator, said: 'I would like to thank all officers for their support during the operation.

'Across the region there were 70 arrests made during the disorder by Special constables.

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'We rely heavily on Specials not just for general policing but during major events. Without their help the regular police force would be further stretched.'

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