Poringland’s Ronan Parke impresses judges on Britain’s Got Talent

Poringland schoolboy Ronan Parke 'is going to be a star' according to the judges he wowed on the popular Britain's Got Talent television.

The 12-year-old stunned the crowd with his performance of Nina Simone's Feeling Good when he took to the stage in London and secured himself a place in the next round of the talent competition.

Viewers watched last night as the Framingham Earl High School pupil worked up the courage to perform, supported in the wings by his parents Trevor and Maggie, and his older brother Declan, 15.

The youngster, now tipped as a clear favourite to win the competition, said he had always wanted to apply for the show, but it was thanks to the confidence he got from taking singing lessons in Norwich that he finally decided to go for it.

'I was really nervous but then the excitement took over,' Ronan told ITV. 'I wanted to impress Amanda the most, because I really like her and she is my favourite judge, but I think Louis was the most impressed. It was absolutely amazing to get such good comments back, it was a whirlwind really.'

Judge Michael McIntyre said: 'You are a star Ronan. You have taken a room and you have just blown the roof off it.'

Fellow judge Louis Walsh said: 'Ronan, I'm going to predict really big things for you.'

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He added: 'Ronan Parke - remember that name. This kid is going to be a star.'

Ronan, who has been singing since he was a toddler, said his parents encouraged him to take his talent further.

'I always sing to my mum and dad, and they told me I had a really good voice. I started to take lessons when I was 10, because my mum was worried I might damage my voice singing all these big songs.

'The lessons really boosted my confidence and I felt ready to apply for Britain's Got Talent. I have been thinking about doing it for two years but I thought I'd be too nervous.'

The teenager revealed that his ultimate dream would be to perform with Jazz crooner Michael Bubl� or R'n'B diva Beyonc� Knowles.

Following his amazing audition, the talented student has already been compared to pop sensation Justin Bieber, while Michael called him a 'little star'.

Talking about being compared to teen heartthrob J-Biebz, Ronan said that he felt flattered but explained he hopes to see his own name up in lights one day.

'I take that as a very big compliment because Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop stars in the world,' he said. 'But although I like being compared to him, I want to be myself. I don't want people to think 'That's the new Justin Bieber', I want them to think 'That's Ronan Parke'.'

The Parkes are close friends of the Gunn family, and Norwich City legend Bryan Gunn said yesterday the families were planning to get together to watch the show last night.

He said: 'A lot of the speculation in the press has been saying that the winner could come from one of the younger entries. Of course we all think it will be Ronan.

'He is always singing around the house at home and when the family go round to friends for lunch Ronan always gives us a medley of his favourite songs.'

The former goalkeeper's daughter Melissa helped Ronan to put together his application for Britain's Got Talent, and Ronan's older brother Declan is friends with Mr Gunn's son Angus.

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