Too many users? Bus passenger's anger over bad broadband

Februrary will see a brand new fleet of buses for the First Eastern Counties 'excel' service. Pictur

Passenger Janet Christmas says the WiFi never works when she travels with First Excel - Credit: Mike Sewell

A weak signal and too many users are being blamed by a bus firm for broadband frustrations on a Norfolk route.

Janet Christmas

Janet Christmas, who says the broadband rarely works when she travels by First Excel - Credit: Janet Christmas

Passengers have recently raised concerns about the issue - including Janet Christmas, from Swaffham, who regularly travels on the First Excel service to and from King's Lynn.

Supermarket cashier Miss Christmas, 66, said the one thing which did not excel on board was the broadband.

"I regularly travel on First Excel buses from Swaffham to King's Lynn, but the on board WiFi hardly ever works," she said.

 "I have a data cap on my mobile contract so using mobile data is not an alternative for me. The WiFi when you sign in regularly flags up an error, or you get a blank screen with no sign-in button.

"I regularly travel with my partner and he cannot gain access either so it is not a problem with my phone, besides, I have just upgraded to a new and better model of phone and I am still having problems.  

"First Excel advertise 'Free WiFi' in bold letters on the back and sides of the bus and in their printed timetables, but I don't think they should be doing this. I use other buses and there's not a problem."

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David Jordan, marketing manager at First Eastern Counties, said: “Although we have a Wi-Fi facility on our Excel services, we are aware that at certain more rural locations along the route the 4G mobile data signal is not as strong as it can be in more urbanised areas; an issue which can be exacerbated by all customers sharing the single 4G mobile receiver on board.

"Our research has shown that many customers who travel on our services prefer to use their own data and our buses are therefore equipped with both USB and wireless charging to enable passengers to keep battery levels sufficient to allow them to benefit from non-shared, higher-speed internet direct to their device.”