Poll: See which Norfolk landmark a woman has had tattooed on her leg and vote for your favourite.

A photographer passionate about Norfolk landmarks has had her favourite monument from the county etched on her forever.

Lighthouse-fanatic Emma Telford, 25, has visited 33 of the tall towers - travelling from Inverness to Cornwall - and when she found the 222-year-old working lighthouse at Happisburgh she took one look and fell in love.

So much so she decided to have a six-inch drawing of the lighthouse tattooed onto her calf.

Miss Telford, of Leeds, said: 'It's become a personal thing to me, so much so that when I visited Happisburgh in Norfolk I fell in love with the lighthouse, and decided I wanted to have it tattooed on me.

'I'd been thinking about it for a while but wanted to find the perfect scene. I'd been going to Norfolk since I was a kid but never really noticed the lighthouse before.

'So when I visited recently I was just struck by how beautiful the area looked.

'It's a beautiful beach, a little secluded village with a traditional red and white striped lighthouse on the coast and I loved it.'

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The full-colour lighthouse tattoo is six inches from her ankle, half-way up her calf.

She added: 'I want to set the scene, put in the sea, the beach, show how beautiful it is. It's a work-in-progress.'

Miss Telford has been back to Norfolk five times to see her favourite lighthouse, as well as visiting 32 others, travelling as far as Moray Firth in Inverness and visiting two light ships in the British Isles.

She first fell in love with lighthouses after a visit to Cornwall, at Trevose Head, about five years ago and since then has been researching lighthouses.

She said: 'I like that they're for safety, they're a sort of guiding light.

'It's quite a romantic idea actually.'

Luckily, Miss Telford's 23-year-old baker boyfriend Ashley Gill does not mind sharing his girlfriend with her hobby, as they tour the country together.

He said: 'I don't really mind Emma being so into lighthouses – it doesn't make me feel second-best.

'I'm really into castles and quite often when we visit a lighthouse there will be a castle in the area which I can see.'

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