POLL: Gorleston’s James Paget Hospital to become home to smoking shelters - what do you think?

Health bosses have announced they are planning to install controversial smoking shelters at the James Paget Hospital despite it being a smoke free site for more than seven years.

The trio of shelters are being built in a bid to stop people lighting up outside the Gorleston hospital's main entrance, a practice which continues to anger visitors.

Managers have said they are 'recognising the reality' of dealing with smokers by introducing the shelters, as previous attempts to move them off site 'doesn't work'.

But the plan has been slammed by a patient watchdog Norfolk Link, which said the hospital's move to accommodate smokers sends out the wrong message and wants the site to be smoke free.

And Unison, which represents thousands of NHS workers, thought health bosses had more opportunity to address the problem rather than just installing shelters.

Jeff Keighley, Unison regional director, said: 'Three quarters of smokers want to quit when asked and I would expect this to be higher in health professionals and hospital workers.

'Therefore we would like to see a broader package which focuses on assisting smokers to quit and providing them with free Nicotine replacement, other medications and support to quit which has proved to be clinically effective and much cheaper.'

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