Poll: Debate is sparked about UFOs after two recent sightings off the Norfolk coast

Two reported sightings of a UFO (unidentified flying object) off the coast of Norfolk this week has sparked plenty of debate on our websites.

On Monday we reported that Andrew Cochran had seen a bright white and blue light off the coast of Cromer at around 8.30pm on Saturday, which appeared to rise into the sky and then flash green and red.

Then on Wednesday we reported that Vanda James had been woken up three times this week to see a 'bright, golden light' hovering over the sea to the east of her home in Southtown, Great Yarmouth.

The 53-year-old first spotted the light in the early hours of Sunday morning and then again on Monday and Tuesday.

Ms James said she was home alone each time the UFO appeared but was so compelled by what she saw she listed her encounters on a website for UK-wide UFO sightings.

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Both stories have provoked some lively discussion about these sightings and UFO sightings in general.

Leaving a comment at the bottom of the Great Yarmouth story, neil298 was not convinced by the claims, simply saying: 'No she didn't cos UFOs don't exist.'

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Cyril The Canary was more diplomatic in his response however, saying: 'Don't be silly neil298, people are always seeing things flying in the sky that they cannot identify.

'They are inevitably clouds, birds, aircraft, meteors, planets, weather balloons, satellites, fireworks, flares, Chinese lanterns et al.

'But because the people who see these things don't know what they are, the phenomena are, by that very fact, Unidentified Flying Objects!'

Daisy Roots offered some alternative suggestions, saying: 'Lots and lots of lights out there every night, ships of different sizes at varying distances from the shore, rigs being towed, lights on the turbines appearing to flicker as the blades go round, fishing boats turning to and fro, survey boats doing the same - any number with deck lights, cranes and cabin lights on and helicopters civilian and military.

'Then there are weather balloons and the pestilential lanterns carrying fire. If I imagined I was seeing UFOs everytime I look out of my windows I would never put the bincs down!'

While Adam L had another suggestion, saying: 'It was the moon, was very low and orange in colour Monday night, and as the witness said it looked like another planet.'

- What do you think about UFO sightings? Do you believe in aliens? Cast a vote in the poll above or leave a comment below.

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