Local Election 2017: Success for Labour in Norwich as they hold onto County Council seats and gain from the Green Party

PUBLISHED: 14:48 05 May 2017 | UPDATED: 09:40 06 May 2017

The count for the county council elections at St Andrews Hall, Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

The count for the county council elections at St Andrews Hall, Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

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While the majority of the county painted itself blue in today’s local elections, Labour found success in Norwich as they held onto their existing seats - and gained new ones.

The count for the county council elections at St Andrews Hall, Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYThe count for the county council elections at St Andrews Hall, Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Speaking before the results came in, Labour group leader George Nobbs said he was not focussing on the national picture, where the Tories were making sweeping gains.

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“I’m looking at it locally and what county councillors do is so important to everybody.

“The local election result would probably be different if the general election had not been called in the middle. But from what we can see in Norwich Labour is doing extremely well.”

Labour kept their seats in Bowthorpe, Catton Grove, Crome, Lakenham, Sewell, University, Town Close, and Mile Cross.

George Nobbs. Pic: Labour Party.George Nobbs. Pic: Labour Party.

But they took seats off the Green Party in Mancroft, Nelson, Thorpe Hamlet, and Wensum.

Eaton was a Liberal Democrat hold.

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In University ward Blur drummer David Rowntree took a victory for Labour, after campaigning to get the street lights in the area turned back on.

He said: “I stood on the strength of trying to get the street lights turned back on. They have turned the street lights off across the city, especially in the University ward where a lot of students live and a lot of people who work in the hospital live.

Dave Rowntree. Pic: Labour Party.Dave Rowntree. Pic: Labour Party.

“I think it is ridiculous to turn the street lights off - it is unsafe and it doesn’t save money.”

Richard Bearman, former leader of the Green Party county councillors who lost his seat in Mancroft, also pointed to the general election. But he said this was the reason his party had suffered such a blow.

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“We’re very disappointed, we’ve now got no County Council representation,” he said.

“It’s got to be to do with the announcement of the general election, all the results have been distorted.”

Richard Bearman. Picture : ANTONY KELLYRichard Bearman. Picture : ANTONY KELLY

He said although voters knew what they were voting for, it had got mixed in with national issues.

He also said there were issues with the voting system.

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“With first-past-the-post smaller parties like the Greens are squeezed out. We need a proportional representation system.”

He added: “We were putting forward different ideas, things like renewable energy, extra bicycle parking, and fighting against the NDR.”

Full Norwich results

Bowthorpe (LAB HOLD)

Henry NEWTON (C) 710

Michelle NEWTON (UKIP) 170

Mike SANDS (pictured) (L) 1175

Silvia SCHMIDTOVA (LD) 124

Nannette YOUSSEF (G) 170

Maj: 465

Turnout: 2352 (29pc)

Catton Grove (LAB HOLD)

Daniel ELMER (C) 955

Michelle HO (IND) 70

Steve MORPHEW (L) 1194

Tony PARK (G) 169

Leigh TOOKE (LD) 114

Maj: 239

Turnout: 2506 (31.2pc)

Crome (LAB HOLD)

Jonathan EMSELL (C) 743

Judith FORD (G) 147

Ian LEACH (LD) 93

George NOBBS (L) 1151


Maj: 408

Turnout: 2308 (31.8pc)



William ROBB (C) 1107

Jane SAUNDERS (G) 244

Ian STUTELY (L) 683

Brian WATKINS (LD) 1833

Maj: 726

Turnout: 3942 (53.8pc)

Lakenham (LAB HOLD)

Brenda JONES (L) 1249

Emily CUTLER (LD) 277

Tom SHERMAN (C) 467


Paul NEALE (G) 250

Maj: 782

Turnout: 2486 (34.9pc)

Mancroft (LAB GAIN)

Paddy BALL (UKIP) 130

Gordon DEAN (LD) 201

Danny DOUGLAS (L) 1355

Samantha ENGLAND (C) 522

Martin SCHMIERER (G) 704

Maj: 651

Turnout: 2924 (36pc)

Mile Cross (LAB HOLD)

Deborah GIHAWI (IND) 95


David ROWELL (UKIP) 162

Chrissie RUMSBY (L) 998

Lisa SHAW (G) 206

Magdalena SIWIEC (LD) 131

Maj: 544

Turnout: 2050 (26.6pc)

Nelson (LAB GAIN)

Jess BARNARD (L) 1735

David FAIRBAIRN (LD) 279

Tim JONES (G) 1372

William RICHARDSON (C) 258


Maj: 363

Turnout: 3675 (54.2pc)

Sewell (LAB HOLD)


Ian CHAPMAN (G) 300

Robin SEAR (C) 466

Alice THOMSON (LD) 197

Glenn TINGLE (UKIP) 118

Maj: 1125

Turnout: 2676 (34.5pc)

Town Close (LAB HOLD)

James ANTHONY (LD) 347


Emma CORLETT (L) 2026

Phil DI PALMA (G) 542

Anthea RULE (UKIP) 82

Maj: 1118

Turnout: 3941 (46.9pc)

Thorpe Hamlet (LAB GAIN)

Stephen BARBER (C) 763

Lesley GRAHAME (G) 1100

Chris JONES (L) 1175


Sarah TUSTIN (LD) 224

Maj: 75

Turnout: 3366 (37.7pc)

University (LAB HOLD)

Toby BENNETT (LD) 126

Rob LOWE (UKIP) 109

Lewis MARTIN (G) 257

David ROWNTREE (L) 1173

Gary WALSH (C) 330

Maj: 843

Turnout: 1997 (36.8pc)

Wensum (LAB GAIN)

Steven BRADLEY (UKIP) 176

Kim CLIPSHAM (L) 1323

Richard EDWARDS (G) 612

David KING (C) 455

Jack SPOOR (LD) 115

Maj: 711

Turnout: 2686 (33.4pc)

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