Police say car fire in Dereham is being treated as arson

Police are treating the car fire as arson. Picture: Ian Clarke

Police are treating the car fire as arson. Picture: Ian Clarke - Credit: Archant

Police have confirmed that a car fire in the early hours of Thursday is being treated as arson.

The car that was set on fire. Picture: Archant

The car that was set on fire. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The blue VW Golf estate was set on fire on Lilac Close, Dereham, and police have now confirmed that it appears to have been deliberate.

No-one is thought to have been injured in the blaze.

Dereham resident Rhianna Wood was on her way to work and saw the burning car.

She said: 'I saw black smoke, which I initially thought could be a chimney. As I got closer it seemed like it was coming from the trees behind the houses.

'I saw a gentleman walking and asked him if he knew what it was but he didn't. We detoured down Lilac Close and as I did I saw a car on fire. It looked as though it had been burning a little while before I got there.

'The car was fully on fire and nearly catching fire to the trees. I didn't want to get too close in case it exploded.'

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When the car was set alight some residents were woken by loud bangs and compared the sounds to fireworks or gunshots.

Tira Thomas said: 'It sounded like small bangs, like small fireworks from where I live in Toftwood. I'm not sure of the time I heard it but it was loud enough to wake me.

'It didn't last long though and I thought it was possibly thunder cracking like the other week, which also woke me up. It didn't manage to wake my children up though.

It wasn't until I saw it mentioned on social media this morning that I put two and two together. I feel awful for the people who have lost their car.'

Meanwhile resident Charlie Wood said: 'There were three very loud bangs, I thought they were gun shots.

'Then there was a 20 to 30 second horn sound. I thought someone had been shot and was holding their hand on horn to get attention. I jumped out of bed and saw thick black smoke.

'That's when I dialled 999.'

If you witnessed the incident or have any information, call Norfolk Police on 101.

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