Police officers stop to help elderly woman after van collision in Beccles

Beccles Hospital.
PHOTO: Nick Butcher

Beccles Hospital. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Police officers stopped to help an injured woman who had been involved in a collision with a van.

At around 11.50am, an elderly woman was accidentally struck by the wing mirror of a van, after she stepped onto the road on Blyburgate in Beccles.

The woman, who was reported to be in her 70s, suffered minor head and facial injuries in the impact and required bandaging around her head.

The male van driver also stopped at the scene following the incident, helping the woman to flag down the passing police van.

The officers then spent several minutes attending to the injured woman, before escorting her in their van to Beccles Hospital for further, precautionary treatment.