Police investigate death of man who had heart attack at Norwich bus station on Sunday night

Norwich bus station, where a man went into cardiac arrest

Norwich bus station, where a man went into cardiac arrest - Credit: Archant

Police are today investigating the death of a man who died following a heart attack at Norwich bus station last night.

Police said they were called to the bus station, pictured, at 7.15pm, but said the man later died.

One man and his girlfriend, who came across the scene while coming back from a meal in the city, were among people who tried to help or comfort the man.

He said: 'We got back to the bus station and there was a bit of a commotion. There was a man on the floor near the back doors to the bath store.

'There was a man lying there, and I would say two to three people were around him. One was a lady who had a high-visibility jacket. She had put the jacket on the guy. He was in the recovery position.'

He said that people were trying to comfort him, and some young men said he had been there for half an hour.

He described the man as white, and said he was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and old trainers.

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The man said his condition deteriorated while the couple were waiting for their bus.

He said his girlfriend, who had completed a first aid course at work last week, ran over and held the man's head after it hit the door behind him, and was preparing to start CPR when paramedics arrived at the scene.

The couple's bus turned up shortly afterwards, and he added: 'The last thing we saw, they were still doing CPR, and pumping his chest.

'We have never seen or experienced anything like that before. We feel genuinely sorry for him and his family.'

A police spokesman said: 'At about 7.15pm police and ambulance attended the bus station where a male was found, having gone into cardiac arrest. That male has subsequently died.

'We are looking into the circumstances of exactly what happened and what caused it.'

Anyone who saw anything, or who has information, to call them on 101.

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