Police crackdown on speeding motorists in Gorleston and villages

POLICE stopped 25 vehicles as part of a crackdown on speeding motorists in Gorleston and the surrounding villages.

Officers were out with speed guns in Gorleston, Bradwell, Belton and Hopton on Saturday, March 17.

Drivers of 22 of the 25 vehicles were given words of advice about their speed, two - who were considerably over the limit - were issued with fixed penalty notices and one driver was handed a fixed penalty notice for not wearing a seat belt.

And police hope residents will see a reduction in speeding drivers on local roads.

Mark Brown, a police community support officer based in Bradwell, said: 'Speeding through these areas is often highlighted by residents as being a problem and we carry out regular checks, under the banner of Operation Tarmac, to address these concerns.

'The aim is to get motorists to slow down and to think about their behaviour and the effect it has on others.'

The highest speeds recorded on the day were 46mph in a 30mph limit at New Road in Belton and 45mph in a 30 limit on Market Road in Bradwell.

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'The 30mph limits are there for a reason and it's all about safety,' added PCSO Brown. 'You are far more likely to kill someone if you hit them at 40mph and in residential areas the 30 limit is there to protect pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists as well as you and any passengers in your vehicle.

'This operation will continue to target areas which have been highlighted by residents and Safer Neighbourhood Teams will work with colleagues and partners to deal with drivers who disregard safety issues around speed and other motoring offences.'

Police checked Brasenose Avenue for speeding drivers in direct response to a request from a member of the public after media coverage of previous checks carried out by officers.

And a total of six locations were monitored during the day.

Officers started at Beccles Road and Mallard Way from 11.25am to 11.50am before moving onto Burgh Road at Bradwell for 25 minutes.

At Market Road in Bradwell they then spent 50 minutes making checks and stopped seven motorists for travelling at excess speed.

They then moved onto Station Road at Hopton where they spent half an hour before heading to Brasenose Avenue for 40 minutes of checks but no one was caught speeding at either of these locations.

Finally at New Road in Belton they caught the most drivers - 14 in 50 minutes of checks - including one driver travelling at the highest speed of the day - 46 mph in a 30mph limit.

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