Police crackdown on parking in Cromer town centre

Police have stepped in to tackle parking problems in a busy area of Cromer's town centre, after numerous complaints.

In future motorists could find themselves issued with a �30 fixed penalty notice if they park in the restricted pedestrian zone which includes New Street, High Street, Jetty Street, Jetty Cliff and Garden Street, from Mary Jane's fish and chip shop.

Wardens, acting on behalf of local authorities, took over responsibility from the police for parking enforcement at the beginning of this year, following a national shake-up in regulations.

But those in north Norfolk had not been covering the restricted area, Cromer town councillors heard this week.

PC Barrie Cresswell said: 'It's back to 'Plan A' and the police are now going to deal with it.'

Councillor Tim Bartlett asked if the police could also stop motorists parking in the space outside the Hotel de Paris, which lies within the zone.

He said: 'People now regularly park there. A great deal of money was spent on making that area look attractive and this spoils it.'

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And councillor Keith Johnson also asked the police to clamp down on motorists using the area as a short-cut.

Residents and businesses within the restricted zone have received a letter from the police detailing the new arrangements.

The force says vehicles parked within the zone can cause an obstruction to larger vehicles, and pose a danger to pedestrians, who are often forced to walk in the road to avoid parked vehicles.

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