Police close Cobholm residence due to anti-social behaviour

63 Granville Road, Great Yarmouth, which has been closed up by court order.

63 Granville Road, Great Yarmouth, which has been closed up by court order. - Credit: Archant

A house believed to be the centre of drug-taking was today closed up by police following a court order.

Police presence in Granville Road, Great Yarmouth

Police presence in Granville Road, Great Yarmouth - Credit: Archant

The terraced home, in a residential area of Cobholm in Great Yarmouth, had been at the centre of numerous complaints over anti-social behaviour, and will be boarded up as soon as possible.

At 1.30pm today, officers carried out a closure order on 63 Granville Road, after the order was granted by Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court.

Officers in four marked vehicles and two unmarked attended the scene, which has seen at least three people evicted, with the order stating that no person can enter the premises for the next three months.

Chief Inspector Nathan Clark of Great Yarmouth Police said: 'We believe the property in question was being used for drug-taking, which has also seen hypodermic needles left within a child's reach of a nearby school.

Granville Road Great Yarmouth

Granville Road Great Yarmouth - Credit: Archant

'The school has been very supportive of our actions and the people that have been evicted understand that if they go inside they will be arrested.'

The order was requested by the police, following a string of complaints about the residence and thorough investigation from officers.

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One of the concerns raised was the house's proximity to Cobholm Primary Academy, which the road backs onto.

Sergeant Judy Johnson, of the operational policing team, said: 'When children are at risk, this is something we have to take action about. Needles being found within reach of the school was the last straw and we have to think of the neighbours as well.

'The address was known to us - in the past there have been cases of theft and fraud from the occupants as well as this.'

Ch Insp Clark is hoping this case will act as a deterrent to others using illegal substances in their homes.

He added: 'I am very keen that we use these powers and that if people are using their premises for taking drugs to expect a visit from the police.'

No arrests or charges were made during the operation.