Police appeal after two teenage girls injured in crash near King’s Lynn

Two teenagers were rushed to hospital after being struck by a car on the outskirts on King's Lynn on Saturday.

The teenage girls were walking along the side of the B1145 at Bawsey when they were hit by the car at 12.33am. Both girls were injured with one of them suffering a fractured pelvis and is currently still in hospital receiving treatment.

Following the incident, the driver involved failed to stop and left the scene and police officers have not been able to locate either the driver of the vehicle.

A police spokesman said: 'After a full forensic examination of the scene, a number of enquiries are currently being made with a view to identifying the vehicle and driver.

'Norfolk Police is appealing to the driver or any passengers in the vehicle to come forward and to give their account of what happened.

'Officers would also like to speak to anyone who was in the Bawsey area around the time of the collision who saw the pedestrians on the road, the collision, or any vehicles which they suspect may have been involved.'

The spokesman added: 'Vehicles dealers and repair agents are also asked to be vigilant and notify us if they are requested to repair a vehicle or provide parts following recent damage which may be attributed to this collision.'

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Anyone who has information regarding this incident is asked to to contact Sgt Alex Bucher on 0845 4564567.

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