Police appeal after Kessingland shed and garage burglaries

Police are urging residents living in the Kessingland area to secure their sheds and garages after several outbuilding burglaries recently.

There have been around half-a-dozen incidents since the start of the month.

While police have arrested four people in connection with one of the crimes after assistance from a number of members of the public, there have been more offences and officers are urging residents to step up security and to remain vigilant.

In many of the cases tools have been stolen.

In one of the most recent crimes a 7.5hp outboard motor and a toolbox, containing spanners and sockets, were stolen after someone broke into a garage at Marsh Lane between 11am on Saturday, JUly 7 and 7am on Monday,July 9.

Both the engine and the box were later found in a field at the back of Coopers Lane in Kessingland but the tool box was missing items, mainly sockets.

It is thought both the tool box and motor would have been heavy and difficult to move.

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Kessingland police community support officer Paul Dennington and his colleagues have been distributing home security leaflets in a bid to encourage residents to secure their sheds and garage.

Police are urging residents to consider installing a shed alarm – available for under �10 from Lowestoft Police Station and relatively cheaply from most DIY stores – and to take further security measures, such as reinforcing doors, to make it more difficult for burglars.

Suffolk Police crime reduction officer Bruce Granger says; 'Sheds and garages are often overlooked when it comes to security but they often contain cycles and other property of value as well as providing an easy source of tools which burglars can use to break into houses. There are some simple and inexpensive ways of protecting sheds and garages.

'With sheds, reinforce the door with a wood panel across the inside. Drill through the door and panel and fit a hasp for a padlock by bolting through from the outside and tightening the nut on the inside, which prevents unscrewing or prising screws off. Secure with a good quality, preferably closed shackle, padlock.

'Many garages are fitted with 'up and over' doors.

'To make these more secure fit a padlock and hasp to the exterior of door and into the concrete base immediately in front of the garage.

'If there is a side door to the garage an alternative is to affix a bolt or bolts to the inside of the garage door which slides into a drilled hole in the runner and frame, using a padlock to prevent the bolt being slid. The side door should be fitted with a 5 lever mortise lock.

'If the garage adjoins the house and you have an intruder alarm, consider extending the alarm coverage to the garage. Failing that, a shed alarm with a battery operated sensor movement detector can be used on shed or garage doors.'

For more information and advice visit www.suffolk.police.uk or contact your local crime reduction officer or Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.

Call 101 if you have any information relation to the break-ins.

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