Pictures: The moment a seal pup entered the world on the sands of Horsey beach

Brian Smith captured these images of the birth of a seal pup

Brian Smith captured these images of the birth of a seal pup - Credit:

It is a picture of nature at its most raw – and most tender.

These stunning images capture the very moment a seal pup was born on the sands of Horsey beach.

They were taken by Brian Smith, a retired agricultural engineer from Framlingham, Suffolk, who witnessed the spectacle on a trip with his daughter and her partner, on Sunday.

It was the second time Mr Smith, 72, had witnessed this wonder of nature and he was delighted to have been able to share the pictures with the fellow members of our iWitness community.

'The weather wasn't great but we got lucky for just a little while as it got brighter and we were able to get some good pictures,' he said.

'I was very fortunate with the one giving birth. We were out there with a seal warden who said he hadn't seen one giving birth in the five years he'd been doing it, so we were very lucky.

'I actually saw one last year too, which was the first time I'd witnessed it, so to see another was very special.'

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