Beautiful autumn scenes near Anmer Hall on the Queen's Norfolk estate


The autumn leaves turn golden on the King's Avenue at Anmer on the Queen's estate in Norfolk - Credit: Chris Bishop

Light streams through the last of the leaves as the sun goes down on the Royal Estate in Norfolk.

Autumn colours

Autumn leaves turn amber and gold as the sun goes down on the Royal Estate at Anmer, near King's Lynn - Credit: Chris Bishop

An amber glow dances through an avenue of trees planted by a long-gone King which is now named after him.

Anmer autumn

Autumn leaves on the King's Drive, between Sandringham and Anmer in Norfolk - Credit: Chris Bishop

The leaves of the limes twitch and rustle in the breeze.

Autumn colours

Leaves caught by the last of the afternoon sun on the Royal Estate near Anmer Hall in Norfolk - Credit: Chris Bishop

Soon there will be just bare branches on the lane that winds through the Queen's estate at Anmer.

Yet the beauty pictured by George VI, when an avenue of trees was a drawing room conversation before it became a plan, shines through.

Autumn scenes

Spectacular scenes as Autumn comes to Anmer in Norfolk - Credit: Chris Bishop

Flies flit and fret as the geese squeal overhead and wraiths of mist sweep in.

The limes have see it all countless times, as the colours change with the seasons.

Anmer autumn colours

Glorious autumn colours at Sandringham - Credit: Chris Bishop

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