PICTURE GALLERY: Quirky wonderland created from rubbish found in Eagle Park in Norwich’s Golden Triangle

A quirky wonderland has been created in a city park thanks to the ingenious imagination of Sam Crouchman.

A trio of fish dangling from a tree, a wide-eyed owl perched on a branch, and some colourfully-decorated dens for people to explore are among the numerous works of art made by the 41-year-old mum of four from litter that she has found in Eagle Park, which is between Newmarket Road and Newmarket Street.

Miss Crouchman, who lives near the Golden Triangle park, said she was inspired to do something to improve the park after becoming annoyed at the amount of litter there.

She said: 'The children have always played out there and I walk my dogs there, and the litter was really upsetting me so I started litter-picking about a month ago as I was walking with the dogs.'

She said she recycled some of the glass bottles and cans she collected, and then decided to reuse some of the things she found.

'There were some big bits of rubble that I turned into seats, and it has just grown from there,' she said. 'I have found all sorts of bits and pieces, and I have just been reusing things that were already there, moving things around to make the park look prettier.'

Now all sorts of colourful and unique decorations can be seen dangling from the trees and dotted around the park, creating an enchanting area to explore.

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Miss Crouchman said: 'There was lots of dead wood around which I have made into dens, and I have made an owl out of chicken wire, and made the owl's eyes from beer cans and the beak from a folded crisp packet.'

Miss Crouchman – who lives with her partner Chris Peters and is mother to Heather, 20, Niall, 15, and Marshall and Thurston, both 10 – has also made fish from twigs and tin cans, and created brightly-colourful flowers from drinks cans.

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