Picture Gallery: Amazing frozen hedges in Salhouse and Woodton

It looked as though it had been lifted straight out of the Arctic Circle and placed by the roadside.

With large icicles reaching from the ground to the sky it was certainly different from the usual hedgerows you see in Norfolk.

And as result drivers and walkers alike stopped and admired the strange phenomena in Salhouse.

Their gaze had been attracted to a hedge in Honeycombe Road that had been covered entirely in icicles.

One of those people to be amazed was Jenni Hamment, of Thorpe St Andrew, who saw the hedge when driving to Wroxham on Thursday.

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Mrs Hamment said her and husband John were so impressed they drove back to their house to get a camera.

Mrs Hamment, who is a member of County Arts photographic club, said: 'As we were driving along with both saw a wall of icicles, so we got to the round about and turned around to have a look.'

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She added: 'I've never seen anything like that.'

It seems it had been formed by the low temperatures freezing water that had been splashed onto it by car driving through a large puddle nearby.

A similar scene was also noticed in Woodton where Gilly Aylmer, of Seething, saw a hedge on the side of the Bungay to Norwich road that had also been frozen, this time by water dropping off branches above it.

She said: 'I have travelled the world and seen lots of weather but I have never seen anything like that.'

Dan Holley of Weatherquest, said that temperatures in Norfolk dipped to as low as -7C on Thursday night, with daytime temperatures failing to rise above zero or 1C.

He said that by Sunday the temperature could rise back up to 2/3C.

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