PHOTOS: International space station and refuelling Eurofighters in the skies over Norfolk

Sighting of the international space station and two Eurofighters possibly being refuelled by a VC10 tanker have been captured in the sky over Norfolk.

Eagle-eyed photographer Paul Betts was sharp enough to get images of both events within two hours of each other at Cley and Langham on Thursday evening.

Mr Betts, from Holt Road, Langham, was on Cley beach at about 7.30pm when he photographed three planes flying alongside each other.

He said 'It was VC10 tanker from what I've been told, with two QRA Typhoon Eurofighters on either side, possibly being refuelled.

'I was down there to watch a Hercules, which was on one of its regular training flights, so it was a surprise to see them.'

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Two hours later at home in Langham, Mr Betts captured the image of the international space station passing over Norfolk.

He said: 'I get tweets from one of the space station sighting websites, which I like to keep an eye on. I normally get eight hours' notice. This time I got two hours' notice, and it's the first time I've seen it for a few years.

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'It was visible for a few minutes in the south west. It's the brightest I've ever seen it. I photographed it on a 30-second exposure.'

? Follow Mr Betts on Twitter @URNorthNorfolk.

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