Photograph of Lowestoft youth who harrassed couple

This is the 14-year-old Lowestoft boy who made the lives of a couple hell over a two month period of continual harassment.

Shaun Frary threatened to shoot the couple in Essex Road, threw objects at their home and regularly abused them during October and November.

On Tuesday he was banned from going into Essex Road and given a night time curfew order after he pleaded guilty to harassing the couple.

Today the antisocial behaviour order banning Frary, of Rotterdam Road, from going near his victims was welcomed by a police officer who dealt with Frary and a 15-year-old youth who also targeted the middle aged couple to try and provoke a reaction from them.

PC Mark Gamble, of the north Lowestoft safer neighbourhood team, said Frary and the other youth had been a nuisance for a while and had used up vital police resources.

He said: 'It is nice to see Frary has been suitably punished.

'This couple were frightened to go out at night and even answer their door.

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'Hopefully this sentence will improve the couple's lives and give a bit of harmony back into Essex Road as it is a nice area.

'And hopefully the sentence will send out a message to other youths who think it is fun to carry out that type of behaviour.'

Pc Gamble also hoped the sentence would be a wake-up call to Frary, who was said to be influenced by the 15-year-old youth who can not be named for legal reasons.

On Tuesday Lowestoft Magistrates' Court heard Frary had gone up to the couple and said 'I point a gun at you and I am going to shoot you'.

The two youths also threw objects at them, including conkers and a pumpkin, and swore and made offensive gestures at them.

Judge David Cooper, sentencing Frary, said he made the couple's lives 'a hell on earth'.

The 15-year-old youth has admitted harassing the Essex Road couple and causing criminal damage to another neighbour's window.

He will be sentenced at Ipswich Magistrates' Court on April 13 and was told on Tuesday by judge Cooper that he faced going to a young offenders' institution.

Judge Cooper has also indicated he will allow the EDP to name the 15-year-old as well as he will probably be given an asbo.