Photo gallery: Your iwitness24 and Twitter photos show queues across the region as motorists head for fuel pumps

Motorsists have been forming queues at petrol stations across the region in response to the Government's calls to keep your fuel topped up.

Some petrol stations are beginning to run low on fuel as motorists take to the road ahead of a threatened strike by tanker drivers.

You have been busy keeping us informed of the situation at stations you've visited and James Hargrave provided us a photo of the Morrisons garage in Diss while HeebyJeeby2000 shared a tongue-in-cheek graph on who might be at the front of any queue.

@LingoBen shared a pic from Long Stratton and @eLearnAndiB shared one from the Shell garage in Norwich on the A140.

Many have been critical of the calls made by the Government yesterday with Prime Minister David Cameron telling drivers to 'top up their tanks' and Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude left firefighters horrified when he went on live TV and advised families to store petrol in cans in their garages.

Maude claimed there was no need to panic, then said: 'When it makes sense, a bit of extra fuel in a jerrycan in the garage is a sensible precaution. People need to be aware there is a risk to fuel supplies.'

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