Photo Gallery: Villagers in Blofield gather for a royal wedding picnic

People from across Blofield village have gathered for a Royal Wedding picnic.

As the royal couple said their vows the first picnic guests gathered around the television in the football club bar, with more people arriving throughout the morning and afternoon.

People of ages layed down their picnic rugs on the football pitch and gathered in the Blofield Football Club bar decked out with union flags.

The picnic was organised by neighbours Lynda Beck and Elaine Brown, who both live on Yarmouth Road.

Mrs Brown said: 'It started over a drunken dinner. We put flyers out and the football club said they would open the bar. It is an all day thing. We've got games for the kids.

'The community has been fantastic. Everybody has helped to put together the tombola and the raffle.'

'It's really a chance for everybody to meet. We've lived her for 14 years and we've never really met any of our neighbours. 'It was a chance for everybody to get to know each other.'

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The money from the party will go towards the Blofield church appeal and Quiddenham Children's Hospice.

Mrs Beck said her favourite bit of the wedding had been when William and Kate walked down the aisle.

Mrs Brown's husband, former Norwich City Manager Ken, likened the atmosphere at the royal wedding to a big football match.

'It is an atmosphere that you cannot describe. It has been good. Look at the amount of people there and they are surging forward for a wedding.'

Paddy Murphy, general manager of the Blofield Football Club, said: 'It is a nice chance for all the people in the village to get together. The weather has been kind to us.'

He said the last community event has been Jubilee celebrations in the hall next door to the football club.

'Hopefully we have got a lot of kids here and everybody is enjoying themselves', he added.