Photo gallery: The amazing birds of prey on iwitness24

We are seeing all sorts on our new content-sharing community website, iwitness24, including some truly amazing photographs of birds of prey.

These wonderful winged images have been shared by Cliff Fletcher, Bill Pound, Jamie Skipper, Robert Buttle and Janet Cane - and you can joint them by clicking on the link on the right or by downloading our smartphone app for iPhone or Android.

Cliff's incredible photo of a marsh harrier against the backdrop of the moon, entitled Fly me to the Moon, has already received some glowing praise.

When asked how he got the shot, Cliff said: 'I was at Sculthorpe Moor Community Nature Reserve at Fakenham.

'The harriers were up, but floating high on the thermals. Fortunately I had my 300mm lens with a 2x adapter fitted which gave me a real sharp focus against the amazingly blue sky. I was using a wide open aperture f4 and as the harrier glided across the front of the moon I took the shot.

'When I got home and reviewed the shots on my computer I cropped the shot using Photoshop CS5 and ended up with a fantastic picture of a wonderful bird.'

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