PHOTO GALLERY: Southburgh World Music Festival

The small mid-Norfolk village of Southburgh came alive with culture, colour and melody yesterday when it hosted its fourth world music festival.

There was music from Brazil, Zimbabwe, eastern Europe and Senegal, amongst other places.

It was organised by Zimbabwean musician and dancer Anna Mudeka and her team of helpers.

She said: 'We set this up as a small children's party when we moved to the village as a way of getting to know everyone. It has just evolved to become this fantastic world music festival.

'We get some great names in from world music and the people in Southburgh have really welcomed it and helped to make it what it is today.'

About 500 people attended the festival which raises money for the Mudeka Foundation.

The foundation is run by Anna to help children orphaned through Aids and other disadvantaged youngsters in Zimbabwe.

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It has raised about �11,000 over the four years.

Anna said: 'With it being our fifth year next year we are going to try and make it extra special.

'We will look to make the festival a two-day event, get more top names in from world music and have lots more activities going on.'

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