Photo gallery: Raising a royal baby - your advice for Wills and Kate


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Eat and sleep whenever you can, trust yourself to make the right decisions and don't plan for anything.We've been asking you what William and Kate should expect as new parents, and it's clear from your replies that despite all the trappings of royal life, there's one thing they haven't got as parents – experience.

But the Duke and Duchess will have to pick their advice, with the whole spectrum being offered by our readers.

On Twitter, James Barr said: 'Don't spoil it! Although I think it may be a given that it will be very spoilt!'

Helena Riches said: 'Expect the unexpected. When unexpected becomes what you're expecting then you'll know you're getting the hang of it.' The mums and dads in our office seem to advise accepting all the help you can get.

Jo Malone, from Editorial Projects and mum of three, said: 'Baby doesn't mind if you're still wearing your pyjamas at lunchtime – and make sure visitors are helpful and don't expect you to run around after them while they coo over your baby.' Nigel Pickover, EDP editor, said: 'Use every little piece of help that is offered – you will never be as tired again, and that's just a daddy speaking!' Daniel Grimmer, reporter, had a warning for their social life: 'Stop booking tickets for gigs, football matches, festivals, cinema etc. Those are things which now happen to other people, not you.

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'Although, to be fair to the Royal couple that's pretty much the case for them as it is...'

See the photo gallery at the top right of the page for more advice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from the streets of Norwich.

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