Photo gallery: Norwich Pride in diverse and supportive community

The build-up to the biggest event in Norwich's gay, lesbian and transgender community kicks off today.

Norwich Pride 2012 will be on Saturday, July 28, but it starts today with an arts trail at a number of city venues.

Last year the big day saw thousands brighten the streets of Norwich with colourful banners, costumes and celebrations.

And organisers say what will make this year stand out from the previous four successful Norwich Pride events is the extent of support from the wider community.

Norwich Pride secretary Michelle Savage said: 'More and more organisations are taking part, we have messages of support from churches and shops holding displays.

'It is growing all the time. People know what Norwich Pride is, and they trust it.

'The city has a good reputation for being really diverse and creative, people accept us. What is great about Norwich Pride is it is multi-generational. People bring their parents, and children and grandchildren, there is a real sense of family. That is what we get, everybody standing up and saying we want to live in a diverse city.

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'We are pulling the whole city together.'

Events will include sewing - with a group called Sew Gay - poetry evenings, plays and discussions on gender and sexuality.

And it is the central location for the big day, with a pride picnic in Chapelfield Park and the Forum library being the main location and a Pride Show on Millennium Plain which 'promises to be the most exciting yet', that means so much to the organisers.

'We have a vision of turning Norwich into a rainbow, a place where people can feel safe and proud,' said Ms Savage.

'Having activities at the Forum is important to us, we want a sustainable pride that becomes part of the city.'

The art trail today sees Laura Chalmers' exhibition of wildlife photography at The Green Grocers at Earlham House Shopping Centre and gardening writer and photographer Trish Le Gal's Art of Growing at the Tea Lounge on Ber Street.

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