Photo Gallery: From The Kabeedies to the catwalk - how a former Norwich City College student became the face of Storm

Evan Jones. Photo: George Naylor.

Evan Jones. Photo: George Naylor. - Credit: Archant

He's the new face for London model agency Storm and he's the boyfriend of Captain America actress Hayley Atwell, but for the people of Norfolk he is probably better known as a member of local band The Kabeedies. Emma Harrowing catches up with Evan Jones as he gets ready to see Norwich Fashion Week 2014 out in style.

'So I was in a bar in Soho, London and I saw this girl from across the room. She looked kinda hot so in order to pluck up the courage to speak to her I started to drink port. I never drink port, I just wanted to gain some sort of confidence to approach her. Anyway it worked a treat!'

Evan Jones (pronouned E-van), known to many in music circles in Norfolk as once being one of the members of local band The Kabeedies, and now four-piece band Keep Up, is talking about his relationship with Hollywood actress Hayley Atwell. There is a cheeky coyness to his chat, as he tells of tales involving folding Hayley into a suitcase for a quip on Facebook about how celebrities don't have to travel first class.

Evan has recently been signed by top London modelling agency Storm Models and this and his relationship with Captain America star Hayley has propelled him to the great heights of stardom. Notably the model and musician featured with his new beau on the front cover of one of 20 covers for the Mighty Blighty issue of Hunger magazine, a style publication from world famous fashion photographer Rankin.

'We shot the cover together at the beginning of the year,' says Evan. 'It was fantastic. Rankin has an incredibly free and relaxed way of shooting and a really hard working team around him. It's really set the bar high as it was my first major job. As for Rankin himself, he was wonderful, a really busy minded and fun guy. We were very well fed too!'

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Despite his new found fame, Evan is still the down-to-earth rocker he is locally famous for. Having had a brief spell studying music at Norwich City College, Evan met of couple of his fellow band mates there and ended up spending a lot of time in the city.

'It's a beautiful little place with so much creativity flying around,' says Evan. 'It's the perfect place to go if London starts to get too much.'

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His unassuming attitude and outlook on life led to Evan being surprised that modelling has become part of his career. Modelling, he says, was never a career choice he had thought about until a couple of people said that he should give it a go.

'Someone I know took to Storm and they signed me up,' explains Evan. 'That was basically it. I never saw the appeal of modelling before but you meet some great people and see some great places (Evan has just come back from LA). Modelling also fits in well with being a musician.'

So what of his band back in Norwich? Keep Up will be playing at the finale show of Norwich Fashion Week 2014 tomorrow at OPEN on Bank Plain and Evan, being part of the band, has made a date to be there too.

'It's really exciting to be part of the finale show at Norwich Fashion Week this year,' says Evan. 'Playing live shows is what I live for and as the band is pretty new (we have only released a couple of singles and done a couple of shows) the songs are just starting to come together live. I think it's going to be great.

'It was sad when The Kabeedies ended, but when Katie left (Kabeedies vocalist Katie Allard left the band in 2012) she was irreplaceable so we decided it would be a good idea to start a new project. As you will hear our sound is very different from before, mainly because we have calmed down a lot!

'The band is having a great time writing music again. Once we have an album written it will be time for us to travel the country playing shows and doing what we love again. We are all itching to get on the road.'

Evan's clear commitment to the band is testament that he will not let fame go to his head. Instead he is certain that his modelling career and touch with Hollywood stardom will rub off on the band.

For now though it's all about performing at Fashion Excess, the final show of Norwich Fashion Week 2014.

'I guess I have a passion for fashion,' laughs Evan. 'I like getting dressed in the morning and I certainly know what styles I like.

'I like wearing high waisted trousers and button braces. I guess 'granddad' would be a good word to describe my signature style! But I like anything that makes me feel like a poor man from the 20s or 30s.'

Also on the set list at Fashion Excess is local band the Crystal Bats, and fashion from local design company SHhhh, independent boutiques The Frock Spot, Love Couture and Catfish among others. There is also a rumour that PVC underwear from one of Kylie Minogue's favourite designer William Wilde will be modelled at the show, in a set by independent boutique Proudlock and Harry, who also showcased at the Vintage Show earlier in the week. Of course these fashions will be modelled by the Norwich Fashion Week models managed by Sandra Reynolds, rather than on the members of the bands playing. However, being a professional model and having spoke to some of Evans friends about his spontaneous behaviour, perhaps these new looks could be modelled on Evan himself.

Fashion Excess takes place tomorrow in the club room at OPEN on Bank Plain. Doors open at 8.30pm and tickets cost £5 in advance and £6 on the door. For tickets and more information visit

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