Petition to improve busy town centre path

The crossing between King Street and Yarmouth Way. Photo: George Ryan

The crossing between King Street and Yarmouth Way. Photo: George Ryan - Credit: George Ryan

A petition has been launched to improve safety on a busy pedestrian path in the town centre.

Campaigners have said that the road crossing between King Street and Yarmouth Way is dangerous and needs to be updated.

Sheena McBain, 52, who lives on Nelson Road Central, started the petition as she said people do not know if it is a path or a road.

'We want to make people aware of the danger. The general feeling from the community is that the crossing should be right at the top, outside the corner shop which is where most people cross anyway.

'The local community and residents have already voiced concerns but to no avail. The road markings are not very clear.

'When cars come past the St George's Theatre, drivers cannot see the crossing. Most weeks I see a car bump into another car as they cannot see it.

'Before too long someone is going to get run over up there and we need to get this sorted out.'

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A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: 'The crossing has been in place for a number of years and our records show there have not been any pedestrian injury accidents recorded there in the past five years.

'With reducing grant coming from central Government it's essential that we use diminishing resources to the very best effect and there are no plans currently to move what is essentially a safe junction.'

To sign the petition, go to:

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